Folding-Time - Timewave Panorama of Black Rock City

Folding-Time in Sonoma July 21, 2003
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Lots of great news about Folding-Time, the multi-year, four-week, four-camera timelapse video project capturing the creation and destruction of Black Rock City. Folding-Time continues to unfold as the multi-year, multiple perspective time-lapse video project gears up for Burning Man 2003.

- Join us! Folding-Time’s full incarnation as a multi-projector, 360-degree interactive experience will include more full-frame, shorter time-lapses from our team and others to accompany the big, wide time-lapse shots we do. We invite those planning to shoot Burning Man time-lapse footage to submit their work for review for inclusion in the interactive media platform and DVD. We will also provide tips and hints to those who sign up as well as have a learning session/get together out on the playa - date TBA.

- Get shot! Have a major installation that you want time-lapsed? Come sign up and we will play matchmaker and join you with a Folding Time-trained shooter.

- Use us! Enter the Folding-Time Machine International Art Design Competition to decorate the 25 ft Folding-Time Camera Tower, located on the promenade on the way to the Man. It is in a prominent, high-traffic location. Selected artist(s) will have a prominent place to display their work in the midst of 30,000 Burning Man Festival participants August 25 - September 1, 2003.

- Fuel us! Can’t get involved timewise but still want to participate? Making Folding Time-in all it’s technical and artist glory-is expensive and we’re not sure how it’s all going to get paid for. No donation is too small and can be made by paypal, credit card or check. Contact us for more information.

- Pleasure yourself! Enjoy the NEW Folding-Time movies. You can download 8 Quicktime movies from the website, showing 3 weeks in 7 minutes, or 1 day in 1 minute from different camera perspectives. Also, the new Folding-Time 2002 DVD will be available soon - visit the website for more information.

You Are Invited to a Special Screening and Reception - Confessions of a Burning Man, the highly acclaimed documentary film, is coming back to Sonoma, following sold-out showings at the Sonoma Film Festival. This is a rare opportunity to see the film, support its completion, and meet and sustain artists that will be contributing to the Burning Man 2003 experience!

Confessions of a Burning Man follows 4 first-timer Burners to the legendary event that takes place in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. It is the ultimate introduction for those who have never attended, and a compelling ride for those who wish to re-live the experience. The preview to the film will be a part of the breathtaking Folding-Time project, a 7-minute timelapse film showing the building and burning of the Man at Burning Man 2002.

Before and after the screening, there will be a special reception to meet and mingle with the Confessions filmmakers UnSu Lee and Paul Barnett and other featured Burning Man artists. Timothy Childs (aka Skysquid) and Robert Henrikson will be discussing Folding Time, the four-camera, four-week timelapse photography system which records the rolling waves of growth and destruction that are the essence of Burning Man, as well as the aerial footage of the event Skysquid shoots from a motored paraglider. Renowned gallery artist and first time Burning Man contributor Gregg Chadwick will also be in attendance and has donated artwork which will be available for purchase at an attractive price. He is the visionary of Monks & Mandala (30ft tall, painted images of saffron-robed monks) for Burning Man 2003 and he and his team will be on hand to discuss the project.

To round out the appeal to the senses, there will also be a pairing of fine red wine and fabulous pure Venezuelan chocolate from Cabaret Chocolates.
Get excited for the upcoming 2003 Burning Man or live vicariously through those who have and will journey into the rich, experiential, art and community-building experience that is Burning Man.

Monday, July 21st
7:00PM - 9:00PM

Sebastiani Theater, 476 First Street East (on the Plaza),
Sonoma, CA 707-995-2020

Ticket Price: $30 (It's a fundraiser and we need the support - anything more is so greatly appreciated). For advance tickets/contributions contact Nicole DeMeo at

About the film:
The filmmakers and a few of the subjects will be in attendance
About the artists:
Folding Time - Experience Black Rock City as it emerges from and returns to playa dust over four weeks
Gregg Chadwick - Experience a rare opportunity to purchase some of GreggChadwick's art and support his Monks & Mandala art installation project.

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