Folding-Time - Timewave Panorama of Black Rock City

NavigatorsFolding-Time Navigators
A Timewave Panorama of Burning Man
Showing the Rise and Fall of Black Rock City

Folding-Time was conceived and is directed by Time Navigators Robert Henrikson and Timothy Childs (aka SkySquid).

Timothy ChildsTimothy Childs (aka SkySquid)

As a long time burner and artist, SkySquid helped conceive, build, install and manage a number of innovative and inspirational projects at Burning Man over the years.

SkySquid also successfully built and utilizes a paramotor-based aerial video platform, which made its inaugural run at last year’s Burning Man. The footage from his flights (including an epic trip at the Burn) has already been used in numerous media projects and records a breathtaking never-seen-before perspective of the Playa experience.

Paramotor at Burning Man 2002
SkySquid paramotoring with helmet video camera at Burning Man 2002.

Paragliding off Haleakala, Maui
SkySquid paragliding off Haleakala on Maui.

Contact: Timothy Childs, 391 Jersey, San Francisco, CA 94114 tel: 415.826.5628

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