Folding-Time - Timewave Panorama of Black Rock City

Folding-Time Navigators
A Timewave Panorama of Burning Man
Showing the Rise and Fall of Black Rock City

Folding-Time was conceived and is directed by Time Navigators Robert Henrikson and Timothy Childs (aka SkySquid).

Robert HenriksonRobert Henrikson

A photographer for 30 years, Robert recreates events and places much as our memory does: as a holographic mosaic of time and space. In the 1980s he manually assembled panoramic compositions from photo prints. Since 1998 he has assembled digital photo panorama compositions in Adobe Photoshop.

Robert’s Art Gallery is viewed online at, where he displays panoramas from Burning Man 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007. He has contributed art to the website and recently had showings in Northern California,

See Robert's videos of Burning Man now online at the Man Burning and the Temple Burns and afterparty.

Burning Man 2000
Panmagic Gallery 2001
Robert has filmed, directed and produced educational video documentaries including Growing Spirulina in Togo, West Africa (1989), How Spirulina is Ecologically Grown in California (1990, 1994), and Health Benefits of Green Superfoods (1995, 1998). His video projects include Future of Spirulina, Bamboo Living, Otter Clan at Trilogy, Burning Man, In Search of the New Male Archetype.

Since 1996, Robert has developed websites such as: (forestry and permaculture), (clothing e-commerce), (algae resource center) (panorama art gallery), (retreat and botanical gardens), (goddess of compassion), and (beautiful bamboo houses).

Robert’s complete bio is available online at, where you can read more about his previous green business and experience as a writer and spokesperson on health trends, nutrition and sustainable agriculture.

Contact: Robert Henrikson, PO Box 909, Hana, HI 96713.
tel: 808.248.8610 • 808.264.8184 •

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