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Folding-Time Technology
A Timewave Panorama of Burning Man Showing the Rise and Fall of Black Rock City

At Burning Man 2002, Time Navigators installed four cameras in the sysyem module. Two solar panels on top of the tower charged marine batteries buried in the ground at the base, providing self-contained uninterrupted power supply to the cameras. The unit also had its own compressed air system, specially designed to clear the lens glass of that pesky playa dust.

Folding-Time tower
Folding-Time Camera tower on August 30, 2002, located 4/5 down the esplanade, between The Man and Lighthouse (left) and Black Rock City Center Camp (right).

Each camera was programmed to take 1/2 second every minute, 24 hours a day, effectively folding a 24 hour day into 12 minutes. Camera operation was checked with a remote monitor at the base of the tower.

Folding-Time tower
Folding-Time Playa Citizen Interaction

Thousands of Burning Man citizens were participants in Folding-Time this year. At the base of the tower a poster explained the project and provided directions on how participants could be folded in time. Individuals and groups created fleeting self-images by moving themselves, their art cars, and other objects around within the frame of the cameras.

Folding-Time Sign
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